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       Guangzhou KEYE Environmental Technology Co.,Ltd was set up by Popula Fan Co.,Ltd in 2008 as the production base of Evaporative Air Coolers. KEYE company has the ability of energy-saving evaporative air coolers in design, development and production within short period and deserved numerous of patents and technical certificates. KEYE products are not only sold all over the domestic market but also exported to England, Japan, Russia, Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia, Taiwan etc. KEYE company has become one of the noted companies in industry of evaporative air coolers. Our main products include Axial evaporative air cooler, Centrifugal evaporative air cooler, Movable evaporative air cooler and Mist Fan, with airflow capacity from 5000 - 60000m3/h.
Market survey&Project approval
Products moulds design&On production
Sales quantity£º10000 units
sales quantity£º25000 units
sales quantity£º50000 units
sales quantity£º80000 units
Estimated sales quantity £º100000 units
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